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Rent a washing machine

We have all the information you need when you want to rent a washing machine as an expat. Staying in Belgium for six months or longer? In that case, the odds are likely that you want to start your day with some clean, fresh clothes to wear. With us, you can rent a washing machine, completely fit to your standard!

What we offer in the rent of a washing machine

No new temporary house or flat without a washing machine, right? Whether you want to wash your work-clothing, your baby’s rompers or cloth napkins after a dinner at your place, we offer a suitable rental washing machine for every expat and their lifestyle. Our collection includes washing machines suitable for 7 or 8 kg, 9 kg and 10 to 12 kg. Just buy some laundry detergent and you are good to go!

Do you want more information? Feel free to contact us: Call: +32(0)3 448 23 87

How we get to work

Want to install a rental washing machine? Our team is happy to help you with all the details. One of your employees stops by your new expat home to determine which washing machine you should rent. Once you agree, we set up a contract for six months or longer. Don’t worry about the delivery, installation and pick-up, this is included in our service. Of course, we don’t want you to wear dirty clothes when your machine doesn’t work properly. When there’s damage, we fix or replace your rental washing machine as soon as possible.

Let’s get in touch

Interested in our all-in service for washing machine rental? Homepost’s staff is happy to help you with any questions. Just phone us at +32(0)3 448 23 87, send us an e-mail via or fill in the contact form to talk about the options in the rent of a washing machine. Ready to make your life as an expat in Belgium as easy as possible? Let’s start with a washing machine via rental!