Office Furniture Turbo

Oak and white finishing with metal legs

BR H 160 Desk 150cm (150x73x80)
BR H 161 Desk 180cm (180x73x80)
BR H 162 Build on piece for desk (100x73x65)
BR H 163 Container on wheels 2 drawers (49x59x48)
BR H 164 Container on wheels 3 drawers (49x59x48)
BR H 165 Low bookcase matching desk hight (90x73x42)
BR H 166 Low cabinet open (54x117x42)
BR H 167 Low cabinet 2 doors (90x117x42)
BR H 168 High cabinet open (54x222x42)
BR H 169 High cabinet 2 small doors (90x222x42)
BR H 170 High cabinet 2 full doors (90x222x42)