lighting for rent


Homepost has a wide range of lighting, lighting bulbs and installation are included.

G 103 White round plate with 3 spots
G 107 Brass round plate 1 halogen spot
G 109 Brass round plate 3 halogen spots
G 110 Wall light brass
G 111 White wall light “Nuvola”
G 112 Ceiling light “Nuvola” white 045×045
G 113 Ceiling light “Nuvola” white 080×080
G 131 Bedside-lamp small size
G 132 Table lamp mid size
G 133 Table lamp big size porcelain or brass
G 214 Fluorescent (TL) light for bathroom small
G 215 Fluorescent (TL) light for bathroom large
G 241 Desk light small size
G 251 Office light halogen black
G 321 Ceiling candle light halogen 300W white
G 421 Standard halogen light brass 300/500W
G 431 Standard reading light white
G 441 Standard reading light shade /brass or white
G 999 Different lightfixtures showroom