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In need of a furniture rental service? Our company arranges the rental of appliances and furniture for expats who need to stay in Belgium for six months or longer. We provide everything our clients need to make them feel at home in their rental flat or house. Creating a safe and enjoyable environment for expats or staff, that is our forte. From office furniture and sofas up to carpets and kitchen appliances, we offer the best quality in rental furniture in Belgium!

What our furniture rental service has to offer

Homepost’s comprehensive rental service is exactly why companies choose us to be responsible for the let of furniture and appliances. A bedroom where you can take a nap after a long day at work, drapes to block out the sun or cutlery to enjoy a home-cooked meal, our catalogue has everything you need as an expat. The advantages of our furniture rental service? Via a detailed and clear contract, starting with an initial 6 months, we offer the delivery and installation of rental furniture throughout Belgium. Our all-in price service includes transportation, installation, removal of the leased furniture and professional service during the contract of your furniture rental service.

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Our 25 years of experience makes our furniture rental worthwhile. Take a look at our online catalogue to make a list of everything you need in your temporary new home. Phone us at +32(0)3 448 23 87 or send us an e-mail or fill in our online contact form. Whether you are ready to start with your rental of furniture in Belgium or have a question for us, our team is here to help you. Ready to take the leap of faith in your professional life? We take care of the furniture and appliances!