Transforming rental houses in homes since 1985.


Furniture Rental Company

Homepost specializes in Furniture Rental Solutions for expats, relocations and temporary employees.
We rent everything for your home: furniture, washing machines, TV’s, drapes, bedding, cutlery and much more!

About Us

Homepost rents furniture to companies and embassies in Belgium who have to house for at least six months foreign employees or staff-members. With over 25 years experience, Homepost offers top-rate customer service.

We rent everything for your home

You can rent quality furniture and appliances from living and dining rooms to washing machines, bedrooms, cutlery, pans, lighting and curtains. No matter your budget or taste, Homepost offers a wide variety to suit your lifestyle. Save time with one delivery and pick-up, all included in one price.

Homepost delivers and installs the rental furniture all over Belgium. We have customers in Brussels, Antwerp, Chareleroi, Mons, Gent, Bruges and many other Belgian cities.


  • we rent everything for your home

    You can rent quality furniture and appliances from living and dining rooms to washing machines, bedrooms, cutlery, pans, lighting and curtains.

  • Delivery and Installation

    We deliver and install all your furniture and appliances all over Belgium.

  • Service during the contract

    Homepost replaces, fixes furniture and appliances if damaged.

  • Removal at the end of the contract

    All the rented furniture and appliances will be picked up by Homepost at the end of your contract.


Outstanding customer service. It is such a pleasure to work with Steven Claes. He’s extremely professional, super competent and just an overall outstanding professional. Steven answers all my questions, responds quickly to my requests and works hard to guarantee that everything turns out perfect.

Homepost, the furniture rental company & staff provided my family with “all” that we needed since we arrived in Belgium, they’ve been by far ‘the best’. Thank you, you helped me keep my sanity during a very stressfull period.

Steven, many thanks for everything you did for me and my family.

Best regard,
Stefan Ivanov

Recently my partner Dave and I moved from Australia to Antwerp. While awaiting the arrival of our furniture we rented fumiture from Homepost.

The package we received provided us with everything we needed, and it was all set up for us in our new home the day we arrived. We didn’t have to worry about anything, and it tok some of the stress off moving. All the guys were really nice and friendly also, a great start to our new life here!

Niky Parry

I think it’s a kind of risk to buy everything new as I don’t know how long our family will stay here which is always a life style of business men, and it’s even not sure what size of house we move in at next destination. So, it was a good decision for me to rent all the household goods from HOMEPOST whose website is available and possible to make access from everywhere even before you move in Bruxelles, that can really work.

It was really a good decision to rent from your company as our family has been satisfied, and I have told/will inform it also to my friends here for your business expansion.

Thanks and Best regards,

Takaki Nishibayashi

We are very satisfied with the service and the materials that homepost provides us for several years yet. We have absolute confidence in Homepost and like to thank them for the good relations between our companies and their excellent service. We can highly recommend Homepost as a businesspartner.